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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Apr 14, 2021

Focus reading: Luke 24:36-48

The title for today’s sermon is a double play on words. When something is incredible it is amazing or stupendous. It can also be difficult if not impossible to believe. That a tomb should be empty and a dead man appear to his friends is incredible in both senses. Those of us who believe in the possibility of the miraculous have no problem with this but for those who don’t the resurrection is very difficult. This though is what all four Gospels including the reading from Luke today witness to. (The second play on words.) A witness is someone who has seen something, but a witness is also someone who tells something especially about their faith. Without those first witnesses believing in the resurrection it’s pretty certain that there would be no Christian faith today. We are not witnesses to the risen Jesus or to the empty tomb but we are witnesses to the work of God in our lives. Jesus calls us to witness too.

What have you witnessed (experienced) of God? In what ways would that be valuable to others? If it is valuable, how will you witness (tell) this to them?

This is a sermon preached in 2018 but recorded for podcast in 2021