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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Apr 21, 2012


Focus reading: Luke 24:36-48 SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES

Today's Bible reading (Luke 24:36-48) begins just after the two disciples return to Jerusalem from Emmaus to tell the others that they have seen Jesus alive. In that story (Luke 24:13-36) and in today's story, Jesus opens the hearts and minds of the disciples by sharing the Scriptures (or the Bible) with them. Then he tells the disciples that they must share that story with the rest of the world, beginning right where they are in Jerusalem.

                It is because the disciples were obedient to that command, that we have the Bible today. We know that Jesus is alive and with us. It is only because they shared, that this morning, as you worship here, we can all feel our hearts burn within us, as we learn more of the wonderful mercy and grace of God. We are his disciples too, and he also calls us all to witness.


Questions for thought and discussion.

How do you know Jesus is alive? How do you know God is real? How did you learn about Jesus and God’s love?