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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Dec 20, 2013

Readings Isaiah 7:10-16, Romans 1:1-7, Matthew 1:18-25

For King Ahaz in ancient Israel facing invasion from the Syrians and for Joseph living under Roman occupation with a fiancé pregnant before marriage there may not have been much hope around. Into the middle of this uncertainty both Ahaz and Joseph are promised a child. The child will be God’s sign of hope and presence with his people. The Syrians never captured Jerusalem, and today the baby born to Joseph and Mary 2000 years ago is revered by at least a billion people. Any birth, but especially a birth in troubled times is a sign of hope. Our times have their own troubles but Heather & I have chosen to have children. Because of the Child born 2000 years ago we believe there is a real hope for Parker & Eli as well as ourselves and our church.


So whatever it is you are considering doing that may have long term implications - if it’s a good thing like planning to have a child... buying a house... starting a business... or doing some study... don’t let uncertain times stop you - there is a future. There is hope. God is with us. God saves. And the child who was promised and born 2000 years ago and the grown Man who has promised to return - Jesus, is the sign and promise of that future and that hope.