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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Feb 5, 2018

This is a repodcast from 2012 for next Sunday

Focus Reading: Mark 1:40-45

If we asked the question “As Christians, how should we live?”, even given a broad range of theological perspectives the answers we get could be summarised in one word - “Jesus”. 

So our compass in life, our map, our pointer is the life, the teaching, the death and the resurrection of Jesus. 

The trouble is that there are lots of different Jesuses. There is the Jesus of faith and personal experience There are the historical Jesuses - Jesuses reconstructed by historians. Then there is the Jesus of revelation - or the Jesus of the Bible.

Central my faith is the Jesus of Revelation or the Bible. I have the conviction that life, direction and meaning, all come from outside ourselves. They all come from God - not from creation and not from how we feel, from some inner voice or spark or emotion, but from outside, from God revealed in Jesus and witnessed to in the whole Bible. 

This I believe is what the story of the Transfiguration is all about. 

Try as I might I couldn't get this sermon down to the 10 minutes - Just over 12 this time. For me the Transfiguration with the Ascenscion are not well understood and yet are vital parts of a small o orthodox or traditional Christian faith and life.

Questions for thought or discussion.

What is your compass in life? What role does Jesus play in your understanding of how life should be lived? To what extent should our personal feelings or science or the Bible influence how we live? What do you make of the story of the Transfiguration? Who is the real Jesus?