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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Jul 26, 2013

Focus reading: Collossians 3:1-11

This week Paul reminds us that as Christians we should set our hearts and minds on thing that are Godly and good, and that we should not set our hearts and minds on earthly things.  (Col 3:1-11) It is sad but true that surveys of Church goers and non church goers show that there is very little difference in the values of either group. Part of the explanation for this is that we fail to take seriously our belief that in this life and the next God provides, brings new life and brings healing. Instead we live as though we do not believe. Paul reminds the people he writes to that since they “have been raised with Christ” they should “seek the things that are above.”  In other words live believing in God’s gift of new life. He urges them not to go back to their old worldly or pagan ways. They lead only to disappointment and destruction.

                At the end of Today’s Sermon I will suggest that one way we can follow Pauls advice is to fill our minds and lives with good things and God things. Spend time in prayer, Bible reading and reflection; listen to and sing music, hymns and songs of faith; read books and join groups like Explore Your Faith so that  you share with fellow Christians; keep attending worship. Seek out good news (e.g.; read good books; listen to good positive music; spend time with family and others who build you up; take advantage of opportunities for education and learning; spend time in God’s creation.

Questions for thought or reflection. How different is your life or values from that of your non church going friends or neighbours? What do you set your heart and mind on? (Is it more positive than negative?) From the list of God things and good things above, what can you do to “seek the things that are above”? How seriously do you take the Christian belief that God gives us new life?