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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

May 10, 2013

Focus reading: Acts 16:16-34

There are lots of people who are st free in this story. The slave girl. Paul and Silas both in prison, in stocks and chains. There they were free to pray ad sing becase of their faith. The Jailer and his family. As a Greek or Roman he probvably did not expect much from this the next life. In this life he probably did not have much except his comfortable jailor's income. He would not have received much honour in the community. The escape of the prisoners would have meant his life was forfeit. In killing himself at least he would avoid torture and public humilliation. Instead he is set free because none of the prisoners escape. This remarkable fact which has saved his life sets him free. Hios life saved, he is suddenly grabbed by the new strange faith of Paul ans Silace and comes to saving faith in Jesus together with his whole family. He is set free into the risen life of Christ.

Questions for thought and discussion

What is freedom?

What things inprison or enslave you?

How do you express your Christian freedom?