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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

The gaps from Palm Sunday Until Now (late June 2017)

Jun 21, 2017

Well since Easter for a variety of reasons I've been a bit slack with my podcasts well here are a few gaps filled. 

Easter = Transformation - Easter Day A 2011

Had it all come to nothing??? Easter 2 A

Which Jesus? Easter 3

Nothing for Easter 4


Like Father like Son Easter 5 A 2014


Trinity = God = Love = Relationship. (Trinity Sunday Year A 2011)

No podcasts for Proper 6 A Last week 

Nor any for Proper 7 But if you are part of the Uniting Church in Australia and using the Anniversary Readings then see my last podcast:

Setting forth the word of salvation: Uniting Church in Australia 40th Anniversary Address

I will not be preachingg the following two weeks but past podcasts for proper 8A & 9A Can be found following these links:

Welcome! Proper 8 A

Do you do the right thing? Proper 9 A

I will be having a break at the coast! :-)