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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Mar 21, 2014

Focus reading: John 4:5-42  Click here for audio file.

It’s hard to see just how amazing the events of today’s Bible story are. So what if Jesus talks to a woman at a well and tells her that she’s been married five times. If it was me I don’t think I’d run into town and tell everyone I’d met the most important person in history, the great Spiritual leader, promised to our ancestors. I think I’d be inclined to say "mind your own business". BUT we need to understand the times. It was against all the rules for a Jewish spiritual leader to talk to a woman of another faith especially one who might not have the best moral standards. Jesus breaks all those rules. He not only talks to the woman - he even asks her for help. By his actions he says to the woman "you are valuable", you are important to me and to God. For me it is in faith and the idea that God loves me as I am that I find my ultimate value. All the other stuff, money, gadgets, health, body image, university degrees, etc. come second or third or fourth. Even family, Heather, Eli and Parker, as important and wonderful as they are don’t give me the same value as God in Jesus saying to me "I am the living water, poured out to quench your thirsting soul."

Questions for thought or discussion.

What do people do or use to make value or meaning in their lives? What are Australians thirsty for? (Eg Beer, flat screen TVs, owning a home...) How much satisfaction can these things bring? What do you think of the idea that family doesn’t give us as much value as God’s love in Jesus? If Jesus is the water of life poured out for me, for you and the woman at the well, what does this say about how valuable your neighbour, your family and even your enemies might be in God’s eyes?

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