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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Sep 19, 2019

Focus readings: Romans 8:14-21, Mark:12:28-34, Matthew 28:16-20

Last Sunday I quoted the Basis of Union* Paragraph 1 which says the
purpose of the Church is to set forth the Word of salvation for all
people. I argued that your vision or purpose to be those who shine
God’s light from the hillside is basically the same thing. Your mission,
or the way we do this is shining of the light into the community, is
through “worship witness and service”. This is straight from
Paragraph 1 of the Basis. The uniting churches ask that “God will use
their common worship, witness and service to set forth the word of
salvation for all people. “ This idea in turn comes from the Bible and
in today’s sermon I will look at the great commandments, and the
great commission to reflect on this. Finally this task is not in your
own power but is in the transforming power of the Spirit of God. The
Spirit transforms you and uses your transformed lives to shine the

The Basis of Union is the founding document of my denomination the Uniting Church in Australia