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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Apr 28, 2012

Focus Reading 1 John 10:11-18

In Australia we think of drovers and stockmen as people who drive sheep with dogs and whips but in Jesus’ time the shepherd led his sheep and knew them each by name. This was especially true if the shepherd owned the sheep. They were all his income and his whole way of life. Jesus uses this image of himself to help us understand what he is like and what God is like. God know us by name. God calls us to follow and to rest. God feeds and provides for us. God keeps us safe. God calls not just us but people of other places and from outside to be part of his flock the church. God gathers us together as one people. Because we are secure in the care of the shepherd we are then free to love and support others. God in Jesus shows total commitment to us and frees us to show total commitment to God and others.

Questions for thought and discussion

What do you think and feel about the image of God as a shepherd? In what ways has God led you through life as a shepherd leads a sheep? If God provides for you and protects you as a shepherd what does that mean for how you live your life and deal with others?