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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Sep 19, 2020

For over 170 years, you, the people of Ipswich Central Mission and now Ipswich City Uniting church have faithfully lived out your faith in the Ipswich area. You have not always got it right but you kept going day after day, year after year. In the mean time other churches some with leaders which came from this church have grown while this church has not prospered in recent times as it did in times past. It may seem unfair.
The future of this congregation is not certain. What is certain is that God became one of us when Jesus was born. He taught and healed and was the guest of sinners and saints just like you. He even died. The Word of God who created the Universe with the Spirit and the Father died for you. He was raised for you and now he prays at God’s right hand for You. This is true for you and for all the Christians churches in Ipswich and around the world. It is true for every human being who comes to faith even if it is very late in life. It is a true for a convicted criminal even a murderer who converts late in life and for a faithful person who like many of you has lived out their faith from their childhood and youth. We may not know the future of this congregation, but we know the future of the church and of the universe and of every Christian. You have eternal life and the whole creation will be made new.
There is a future. In this life and the next the best is yet to come. That should be enough. You have God’s undeserved love and you have the responsibility to share that love with all. If you read Matthew 20:1-16 I think that maybe you and I are the first labourers in the vineyard. Like them we should look at what we have, (God’s love) and not at what others have. Even the last place in heaven and the new creation is greater than all the riches of the world. You are loved. There is a future. The best is yet to come because of the love of God which none of us deserve.