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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

150th Birthday Celebrations for St Stephen's Toowoomba

Jul 30, 2013

St Stephens is 150 years old this Year.

Come and join us for our main celebrations on OCTOBER FRIDAY 4TH- MONDAY 7TH.

Our next event is Twice as Nice an afternoon of music and song with a wonderful High Tea. Come and join us at 3pm on the 4th of August in the Hall behind the church at 51 Neil Street Toowoomba

Cost is...

Jul 30, 2013

Focus readings: Isa 1:1,10-20, Ps 50:1-11, 22-23, Heb 11:1-3, 8-16, Luke 12:32-40

The reason that the disciples could leave fishing, tax collecting, and all they had to follow Jesus was because they came to believe that they were in God’s hands and that in Jesus and all he did and taught The Kingdom of God had...

Jul 26, 2013

Focus reading: Collossians 3:1-11

This week Paul reminds us that as Christians we should set our hearts and minds on thing that are Godly and good, and that we should not set our hearts and minds on earthly things.  (Col 3:1-11) It is sad but true that surveys of Church goers and non church goers show that there is...

Jul 15, 2013

Focus Reading: Luke 11:1-13

The Lord's Prayer is challenging in lots of ways. Two of those are in the area of forgiveness and the imagery of God the first person of the Trinity as a "Father". In my reflection on this I take a very Jesus centred view. I believe that the Lord's Prayer and all prayer is corporate. Even our...

Jul 8, 2013

Focus readings: Luke 10:38-42 and Colossians1:15-28

If you go to Tannum Sands just south of Gladstone in Central Queensland you will find two places of worship next to each other. One is the Uniting Church and one is the Jehova Witnesses' Kingdom Hall. Both buildings and their grounds are kept in good order but there is...