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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Apr 11, 2020

Focus reading: Collossians 3:1-4 Matt 28:1-10

(This is a re-podcast from 2011, later today I will podcast a sermon specific to this Easter Sunday from Rev Peter Taubner.)

Me (Andrew Gillies) on my wedding day.

Nick Vujicic, was born in 1982 in Brisbane, Australia. Without any medical explanation or warning, Nick came into the world with neither arms nor legs. Throughout his childhood, Nick dealt not only with the typical challenges of school and adolescence such as bullying and self-esteem issues; but also struggled with depression and loneliness. He constantly questioned why he was different than all the other kids surrounding him; why he was the one born without arms and legs. He wondered what the purpose behind his life was, or if he even had a purpose. According to Nick, the victory over his struggles throughout his journey, as well as the strength and passion he has for life can be credited to his faith in God. His family, friends and the many people he has encountered along the way have also encouraged him. Today Nick encourages people through motivational speaking and sharing his testimony about how God changed his life and gave him a future and a hope. (Adapted from

My life is very different to that of Nick’s but the same power of God that transformed Nick’s life has also transformed mine as it did the first disciples. It’s the same power of God which raised Jesus from the dead on Easter Sunday. Today we think about that transforming Easter power and ask - "What is God calling you to?"

Questions for thought or discussion.

What challenges have you faced in your life? How has God helped to to overcome them? In what ways do you believe God is calling you to live your life? Is God calling you to anything new?