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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Nov 9, 2012

Focus reading Mark 12:38-44  Subscribe on Itunes 

How much should we give to God? We all know that some people are far more generous than others. Some people give generously from time, talents and money from very much and others give generously from very little. Most in most churches give sacrificially. We honour and give thanks for all this generosity. Today we remember also those who have given their life in time of war. They gave everything in the service of their country.

            This Sunday's Gospel story of the "widow's mite" is not really about how much we put in the offering plate. It is also not about how much we give in service to the church. It is about how much we give to God (and our neighbours). So how much should we give? Everything. If God is the Creator, if God forgives us freely, if God loves us without measure, if God is all powerful, if God gives us eternal life as a free gift, then we owe God everything. All of us fall short, and few of us (including me) give as the widow gave, but this is what we owe. Whatever we can manage to give - God uses. Even two tiny coins dropped into an offering plate 2 000 years ago can be used by God as a source of encouragement and inspiration for millions upon millions of people down through the ages. Keep on giving; keep on loving God and your neighbour and it is surprising what God can do.

Questions for thought or discussion.

How much should we give to God? What should be our motivation(s)?

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