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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Nov 21, 2018

All of us want to be in control. We may not all want to be the centre of attention, but we want to be the masters of our own destiny. For most of us the idea of being King, the one in charge, for even a day is very attractive. Today is Christ the King Sunday. It’s a day when we think about Jesus being king.

                I believe that Jesus is the King of Glory, but his Glory is not human power and wealth. His glory is truth, obedience and God's love. Tough love which suffers and dies, so we can be healed and live. This is our King. This is who and what we celebrate today. A servant who gave his life so that we might know God’s love.

                Jesus is the kind of king who washes the tired and smelly feet of his friends. (Jn 13) This is what we are called to be to servants. People who serve the needs of others and not our own desires, hurts or ambition. As a church, and as Australians and as Christians, we have been given so much! We are like kings compared to many in the world.

Questions for thought and discussion.

What will we do with the glory God has given us? What will you do with the riches and gifts?

Will we use them to serve others like Jesus always did and David sometimes did? Or will we use them to serve ourselves and get our own way as David also sometimes did?