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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Nov 3, 2018

Focus Reading Ruth 1:1-18  

It is said that Benjamin Franklin while visiting Paris spent time with various thinkers and was becoming fed up with the way they belittled the Bible. Rather than attack them head on he told them that he had discovered a wonderful piece of literature he would like to share with them at a special lecture. When all the great thinkers were gathered together he read to them the book of Ruth. These great thinkers were moved deeply by the story and urged Franklin to publish this work. He then told them that the work did not need to be published. “It is already in print” replied Franklin. “It is part of the Bible you ridicule.”

                Today we hear again the story of Ruth and its wonderful themes. It is a book about courage, about how God provides for us, and about how God can use small lives and small efforts to do the most wonderful things. It is like the widow’s might, one of our Bible readings for next week. God can use a poor widow or even a destitute foreigner to inspire us, and to fulfil the promise.

Questions for thought and discussion.

Where have you seen something that seems small or insignificant have a great effect? 

Read Ruth 1:1-18 What do you think your decision would have been in Ruth and Orpah's shoes? Would you have followed Naomi or trusted yourself to your birth family? What would your decision be based on?