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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Nov 4, 2019

The Main Purpose of the Bible is to lead us to salvation in Jesus.

When we read 2 Timothy 3 we are often drawn to verses 16-17. “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that everyone who belongs to God may be proficient, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16–17, NRSV)

   I want to make it clear that I agree with these words. All Scripture is inspired by God -God breathed- it like Adam in Genesis is alive because God has breathed it into being. And it is useful...

  If we see this as the core of what the Bible is. It’s primary purpose is to provide moral or ethical guidance, then clearly we should give up all our possessions.

   But this is not the main thing that 2nd Timothy says about the Bible, that comes in the previous two verses.
“But as for you, continue in what you have learned and firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it, and how from childhood you have known the sacred writings that are able to instruct you for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 3:14–15, NRSV)

   That is, the main purpose of the Bible is to instruct us for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. It is so that we might come to know, to trust in and receive Jesus into our lives and so be saved from sin and hell and death, filled with new life and be empowered for the Good works for which God has prepared us.

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