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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Sep 12, 2012

Focus Reading: Mark 8:27-38  Subscribe on Itunes 

Take up your cross!!!

I talk to myself, but don't panic, I am sane! I never answer myself back, or hear voices, and I usually do it all in my mind. What I'm doing is imagining. Unfortunately, though, what I imagine, are conversations with people I could have had, and conversations with people I might have.

          Sometimes this is helpful, because it helps me sort out my ideas. Mostly it's negative, because I build a thing up into what it's not. Usually when I meet the person again or actually face the situation, it's not as bad as I have imagined it. Until a few years ago I was a bit worried about this. Then I went to a conference where one of the speakers spoke about how it's always important to keep a firm grip, on "what is" rather than worrying about "what might be", or "what could have been". Many people do this worrying. The important thing is to stop, and remind yourself what actually is.

          A couple of weeks back I reminded you all that “what is” for Christians, is that each of us is a beloved child of God. The ultimate sign of this is Jesus and his cross. Although we have a broad range of theologies in our congregation, I think we can agree on this much: The cross shows us Jesus choosing to put God and others before himself and his own glory. Jesus chose to share God’s love with us rather than save himself. Like Peter and the disciples we are also called to give up trying to save ourselves and to trust God. This frees us to witness to God’s love.

Questions for thought or discussion.

What do you think it means to "Take up your cross"? What does your cross mean for you and for others?

What are the differences and similarities in your cross and Jesus' cross? 

What do you make of Jesus as a king or leader?

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