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I Haven't managed to record a podcst this week but and excellent sermon on Genesis 45 can be found here: http://www.utc.edu.au/sermon-the-will-and-call-of-god-gen-45-1-15/ 

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Just in case I don't get to post them otherwise here are the next few weeks posts from three years ago.


The Assignment of life - Step out of the boat Proper 14 Sunday 7 July 2011

Joseph - Disaster can bring Good Proper 15 A Sermon for August 14 2011

The above is the most downloaded sermon from the blog with over 300 downloads.

Do not be squeezed into the mould of this world...:-Proper 16 A for August 21 2011

Deny Yourself, don't kill yourself! Proper 17 A for 28 August 2011

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Focus Reading : Matt 14:13-21  Direct audio download


I want you to put yourselves in the place of each of the characters in the story of the feeding of the 5000.

             Who are you more like?

Are you like the crowd is there some emptiness, some need which has to be filled? (It could be a need for food, healing, hope, meaning or even material things.)

             Are you more like the disciples? Is Jesus calling you to fill the emptiness of the world with hope or food or healing? Is Jesus calling you to some ministry which seems too big for you? Beyond your reach?

             Or are you more like the young child? You have something to give, but it seems pointless. How could my small donation fill the stomaches of the hungry? How can my small gift or ability or idea bring help to others? (John 6:9)

Today's story reminds us that as impossible as it might seem God (in Jesus) can and will use your small resources, abilities and efforts to fill the emptiness of ourselves and others. (Not only fill it but there will be left overs as well!


For a longer version of this sermon click here 

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I've been rather slack the last few weeks, but if you'd like to go back to some old sermons for leent and Easter here are some links:

Which Jesus? Easter 3 (Text only)

Had it all come to nothing??? Easter 2 A

Easter = Transformation - Easter Day A 2011

Jesus the failure?? Lent 6 Palm/ Passion Sunday

Is he life itself? Lent 5 A

No Easter 4 unfortunately. I may record it later this week.


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Focus Reading : John 14:1-14  

If you’ve ever wondered what God is like then chapter 14 tells us very clearly. Jesus says to the disciples:-

If you know me, you will know my Father also. From now on you do know him and have seen him.”        Jn 14:7 (NRSV)

... Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on my own; but the Father who dwells in me does his works.                 Jn 14:9-10 (NRSV)

This is God, the Father who Jesus showed the disciples and through the Bible, us. This is the God we worship, who offers us the free gift of salvation, including new life now and beyond the grave, and who calls us to follow, in acts of love, compassion, and in standing up for what is good and right and just. Our Lord, our boss, our master, our judge, our ruler, but also, our friend, our brother, good and loving Father or parent, our Saviour and our hope. Our servant and our King. Let us live lives which reflect his character by following the example of his Son.

Questions for thought and discussion.

What is your main picture or idea about God? What do you make of Jesus’ statement “If you know me you will know the Father.”

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Yet Again this Year St Stephen's is involved in the Easterfest Gospel in the Chapel and Stations of the cross.

See the official Easterfest site for Information about Stations of the Cross and for the  Gospel in the Chapel Program.

Our own version of the Stations of the Cross Program can be found HERE

For the events at St Stephen's with artist bioographies, click HERE.    

St Stephen’s Easterfest Programme

(51 Neil Street Toowoomba CBD Oppostite the Empire Theatre)

Saturday (Ticketed Events Only)

Sunday                 ALL FREE EVENTS

11:50 AM - Maliaka Choir

12:20 PM - Toowoomba Male Voice Choir

12:50 PM - Sapphire

1:30 PM - The Promise

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross will run twice:
Good Friday at 9:30 AM
Easter Saturday at 10:30 AM

Starting Point St James Anglican Church Mort Street Toowoomba

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Focus reading: John 9:1-42 Download Audio File


This is a reposting of a sermon from 2011

All of us have blind spots about people. There are some groups of people who we don’t like or trust or look down on. Often this is quite irrational. I sometimes joke to Heather that people who have designer wall rugs "will be the first people lined up against the wall when the revolution comes." I can not understand why anyone would think it was a good idea to decorate a wall with patterned carpet. It seems both mad and pretentious. Perhaps it is, but I should not condemn or reject any person because of any one trait. In the time of Jesus people were often rejected because of a disability. Both Jesus’ followers and the Jewish authorities assume the man born blind is blind because of his sin or his parents’ sin. They also believe that he is trapped in that sin. In the end the Jewish authorities can not see past the man’s blindness and sinfulness. Only Jesus and the man who was blind can really see. Jesus sees the man as a child of God. The man sees that he is loved and healed by God in Jesus. The authorities are blind to all this and can only see the designer rug.


Questions for thought or discussion.


What groups of people are commonly discriminated against? Can you think of an example where you have assumed something about a person and been pleasantly surprised when you got to know them? How easy is it to look beyond a person’s exterior to their heart like God does? What makes this so hard for us? In what areas do we need to be healed of our blindness?

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Leichhardt Patrol

What is the Uniting Church doing out bush?
Join us next Sunday 23rd March for a special service detailing the work of the Leichhardt Patrol

With the recent and continuing drought in Western Queensland and the impacts of mining along the Leichhardt Highway, life out there is pretty interesting.
Come hear Rev. Graham Slaughter of the newly established Leichhardt Patrol tell his story, talk about his work and lead our worship.

9am St Stephen's Toowoomba Uniting Church 

51 Neil St Toowoomba Australia

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Focus reading: John 4:5-42  Click here for audio file.

It’s hard to see just how amazing the events of today’s Bible story are. So what if Jesus talks to a woman at a well and tells her that she’s been married five times. If it was me I don’t think I’d run into town and tell everyone I’d met the most important person in history, the great Spiritual leader, promised to our ancestors. I think I’d be inclined to say "mind your own business". BUT we need to understand the times. It was against all the rules for a Jewish spiritual leader to talk to a woman of another faith especially one who might not have the best moral standards. Jesus breaks all those rules. He not only talks to the woman - he even asks her for help. By his actions he says to the woman "you are valuable", you are important to me and to God. For me it is in faith and the idea that God loves me as I am that I find my ultimate value. All the other stuff, money, gadgets, health, body image, university degrees, etc. come second or third or fourth. Even family, Heather, Eli and Parker, as important and wonderful as they are don’t give me the same value as God in Jesus saying to me "I am the living water, poured out to quench your thirsting soul."

Questions for thought or discussion.

What do people do or use to make value or meaning in their lives? What are Australians thirsty for? (Eg Beer, flat screen TVs, owning a home...) How much satisfaction can these things bring? What do you think of the idea that family doesn’t give us as much value as God’s love in Jesus? If Jesus is the water of life poured out for me, for you and the woman at the well, what does this say about how valuable your neighbour, your family and even your enemies might be in God’s eyes?

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Google search

In his Faith and Theology Blog 

"Google it: 20 questions Google can and can't answer"

Dr Ben Myers says that the #1 question google can answer is "Which is cooler, Gangnam style or tattoos?" 

I have serached for this a number of times and have not found an appropriate answer.

I therefore wish to present my own answer accross the internet.

Which is cooler, Gangnam style or tattoos?

Tattoos, especially the Edinburgh Tattoo because there are always bagpipes. 


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