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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Sep 19, 2019

Focus readings: Gal 3:23-4:6, Luke 17:11-19, Luke 7:36-50

One of the radical things about Jesus was that he mixed with everyone, and encouraged his followers to do the same. Today everyone who wants to is welcome to come to the table to receive communion. You are welcome, not because you are good or spiritual but...

Our generous trusting God. Parable of the talents - Planned giving 2018

Nov 17, 2018

No Podcast this week but here is the text of my sermon for planned giving (or stewardship)

Focus Scripture Matthew 25:14-30

I think that the great tragedy in the parable of the talents is that the third slave does not really understand his master. The least slave says to his master Matthew 25:24–25 (NRSV)
“I knew...

Jan 30, 2018

Your Famous blogger

Mark 1:29-39

I am an extremely famous person. Those of you in Australia you may know Clinton Shifskofski. He’s a footy player who has represented his state in both League and Rugby. He grew up in Moranbah and was at the High School when I was a teacher there. I’m pretty sure that I once...

Good Christmas music

Nov 16, 2016

Angels we have heard on high from: The Tradition of Christmas

The Tradition of Christmas a wonderful collection of 15 carols is still available.

To purchase this album as a download via iTunes click on this button:  

Click here for a sample MP3 of Angels we have heard on high The CD is a collection of 15 traditional...