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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Apr 11, 2022

A Great story for Good Friday BUY (Aus) BUY (US)

Sarah the little girl who is very badly drawn decides to make a cake... but everything goes wrong!!! It's a disaster! Everything seems lost...
Watch how this disaster gets turned into something wonderful!
"In my view the best stick figure children's book with theological themes ever printed" (The author) 😉
Purchase on Amazon Australia, US and elsewhere... BUY (Aus) BUY (US)
Kindle version available for immediate download.  Paperback is print on demand.
Use freely for Educational and church purposes. All other rights reserved.
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Sarah "the little girl who is VERY badly drawn" tries to make a chocolate cake, but it all goes wrong. Watch to see how a terrible disaster can be turned into something wonderful. This charming picture book will delight Children and adults and hopefully help them to see that terrible disasters can be transformed into something wonderful.This story was inspired by the Good Friday story and was originally written as a children's address for church. It will not only appeal to Christians but also to any one who has ever faced what seems like a dead end or a failure. Even a Roman Cross a symbol of death, can become something wonderful!