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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Jul 24, 2020

Focus Reading Matthew 13:31-33,13:44-52

“God’s Kingdom is wherever God is King...It’s wherever God is in charge. It’s where he fills your heart up with his Forever Happiness and you stop running away from him and you love him.” (Jesus Storybook Bible p 250) The story varies a little, but in central Queensland about 300 km west of Mackay there were some properties being established. Perhaps it was a shepherd, or perhaps one of the builders working on the farm buildings, but someone found some gold. All the stock workers and all the builders left the properties and joined a gold rush, and people came from the south and the coast. The gold was not plentiful but it was there and much of it still is. Soon a town grew, banks and churches, pubs and schools and stores were established. The farms and properties did get established and eventually coal was found nearby. Today around 4000 live in the town and district of Clermont. It is a small but thriving rural and mining town. A great little community, full of life. At first the finding of Gold by one worker seemed a small, exciting but potentially selfish thing, but in the end the excitement brought others and created a whole new community. The Kingdom of God is like this, a treasure is found, a mustard seed is planted, a baby born in a feed trough, excitement builds and the whole world is changed into God’s community of love.

How has your world changed since discovering the treasure?