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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Jun 30, 2016

Focus Reading: Gal 6:7-16   Direct Audio Download; Click Here   For an alternate sermon based on the Kings reading: Click here

God is crucial
In the Letter to the Galatians we read that instead of living lives which say thank-you for the good things that God has done and is doing for them, all of a sudden the Galatians were being asked to live out a set of rules - to obey the rules so that God would love them. The Good news about Jesus and his love had been turned on it’s head. Being a Christian had changed from being a life lived in the power of the Spirit to celebrate God’s freely given love into a life lived to obey a set of rules to earn God’s love. And the silliest thing about all of this, was that the rules are almost always impossible to keep, especially once you know what they are.
Jesus lived and taught and died on the cross, so that we could share his relationship with God. He died so that we would no longer be consumed and distracted, by sin, or the law, or houses, or our jobs, or our families or whatever and certainly not whether you’re circumcised or not.

Questions for thought or discussion
What things consume or distract you? In what ways (if any) can receiving God’s love as a gift (Jesus) set you free from these things which distract you?

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