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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Jul 5, 2013

Luke 10:25-37

This story of the Good Samaritan has been told so many times that we become too familiar with it. As we have probably always been told it is a story about how we should love everyone - even those who are very difficult to love. This understanding of the story can not be denied. There is however another way of looking at it. When the lawyer and the crowd and the disciples first heard this story, they would have identified with the half dead man robbed and left lying at the side of the road. The shock in the story for them would not have been that they must love the Samaritan, their hated enemy, but that the Samaritan loved them. For me, the heart of our faith is that God in Jesus became our neighbour and lifted us out of the ditch and brought us to safety. Of course we may identify more with the robbers or the Levite or the Priest or even the inn keeper. Where ever we are God calls us to love our neighbours and when we need it to swallow our pride and accept love from our neighbours!!

Questions for thought or discusion.   

Imagine yourself as the hurt man and the Samaritan as a bikie, or gang member, or someone else you may make you angry or afraid. How does this change your view of the story?

What is it like for you when you are in need and someone offers you help? 

Who is your neighbour, whom Jesus calls you to love?

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