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Gospel centred sermons, based on the lectionary often in advance.

Jan 17, 2013

Focus reading: John 2:1-11

I believe the message of John 2:1-11 is this: We are a new people of God created by his gift of love. A love which is so generous that it can not be measured. We are all invited to a banquet, a celebration of that love.

That's a celebration which should begin now, just as John obviously believed it had already begun, in Cana in Galilee. Therefore as a church and as individual Christians, out of thanksgiving for this wonderful gift of love, and a desire that others might know this love, we should be inviting others to join with us in the celebration. And we should not be afraid that the wine, or bread will run out, there is far more than enough for all.

Questions for thought or discussion:

• What do you think of the image of the Kingdom of God being like a wedding banquet?

• What is your reaction to the idea that as a member of the church you are in fact an invited guest to a great celebration?

• How do you feel about inviting others to your part of that celebration? (Inviting people to be part of your church community?)

nine and a half years ago

Wedding & Banquet images in the Bible
Sign of water into wine John 2:1ff
Luke 14:15-24 Parable and stories of wedding banquets Matt 22:1-14
Parable of the bridesmaids Matt 25:1ff
Parable of the watchful slaves (return of the groom) Luke 12:36-40
The saying about Jesus' disciples fasting in Mark 2:18-22 and Mt 9:14–17; Lk 5:33–39 Where Jesus compares himself to a bridegroom
Teaching on humility and hospitality Luke 14:7-14 (Wedding banquet) - Who to invite where to sit.
John the Baptist's image in John 3:29 where he likens the Messiah (Jesus) to the bridegroom
Rev 18:23, Rev 19:7-9, Rev 21:2 , Rev 22:17 Images of Jesus as the groom the church as the bride and the wedding banquet

Matthew 8:11 Gathering of the gentiles - healing of the Centurion's Son
Imagery of the last supper... Made specific in Matt Matthew 26:29 (NRSV)
29I tell you, I will never again drink of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom."

And these are just some of the images. If we look to the Old Testament we find that one of the main images of God's presence and blessing is the abundant meal. For instance the 23rd psalm...